unsecured un‧se‧cured [ˌʌnsɪˈkjʊəd◂ ǁ -ˈkjʊrd◂] adjective FINANCE
1. an unsecured loan, debt etc is not protected by an agreement that if it is not paid the company borrowing the money has to give the lender certain assets, such as property or shares:

• Lenders typically collect less than 10 cents on the dollar on unsecured loans in personal bankruptcy proceedings.

2. unsecured lender/​creditor someone who lends money, without an agreement that if the debt is not paid, the company borrowing or owing the money has to give the lender certain assets, such as property or shares:

• Under the terms of the reorganization, unsecured creditors will also receive newly issued common stock in the company.

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unsecured UK US /ˌʌnsɪˈkjʊəd/ adjective FINANCE
relating to a loan for which the lender has no right to the property or other assets of the borrower if the money is not paid back: »

While we may request security for your loan, it can be unsecured.


Total unsecured borrowing has increased by 60% over the past year.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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